About the model: Question 13

13.  Sometimes a place is a jurisdiction and behaves like a corporate body (e.g. United States as the name of the government of the United States).  Sometimes place is a physical location in which something is located (e.g. a book about the birds of the United States).  In order to distinguish between the corporate behavior of a jurisdiction and the subject behavior of a geographical location, I have defined two different classes for place, Place as Jurisdictional Corporate Body and Place as Geographic Area.  Will this cause problems in the model?  Will there be times when it prevents us from making elegant generalizations in the model about place per se?  There is a similar problem with events.  Some events are corporate bodies (e.g. conferences that publish papers) and some are a kind of subject (e.g. an earthquake).  I have defined two different classes for event, Conference or Other Event as Corporate Body Creator and Event as Subject.


2 Responses to “About the model: Question 13”

  1. Bruce D'Arcus Says:

    Off-the-top-of-my-head, jurisdiction really isn’t per se geography. It is governmental authority as invested in geographic territory. [I’m a geographer who does a bit of work on these issues]. That said, I don’t how resolve this on the modeling end ATM; will take some thought.

  2. Sherman Clarke Says:

    This contrast between physical and corporate entity also applies to institutions and buildings. We use the same words for the corporate body and the building it occupies. From a recent SACOLIST message:

    “The meeting did not approve establishing a subject heading for this school building. For organizations that occupy a building known by the same name as the organization, such as churches, hospitals, libraries, museums, prisons, and schools, cataloging practice has been to assign a corporate body name heading to represent both the organization and the structure. Buildings related to these types of organizations that have a distinctive name referring only to the building may be established as subject headings.”

    At the same time, there are buildings that do not house a corporate body but which serve as venues for exhibitions and other events. The venue place is valuable access due to a probable association of event and venue. We are presenting a MARBI discussion paper for ALA Midwinter 2008 related to expanding the type of access to this type of association (added entry, not main entry nor subject).

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