About the model: Question 14

14. The bound with relationship is actually between two items representing two different works, and the issued with relationship is between two manifestations representing two different works.  Is this a work to work relationship?  Will designating it a work to work relationship cause problems for indicating which specific items or manifestation/items of each work are physically located in the same place?  This question may also apply to whole-part relationships when the part is physically contained within the whole and both are located in the same place.  One thing to bear in mind is that the relationship between two works does not hold between all instances of each work; it only holds for those particular instances that represent the particular manifestation or item that is bound with or issued with or part of the whole.

 DECISION: For now, I have treated these as work-to-work relationships with specified properties; these three types of work-to-work relationships should be understood to apply to only some items or manifestations of the works involved.


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